O Positive

Recall that about a month ago, I donated blood for the first time. The other day, I got my Red Cross Blood Donor card in the mail. I assume, since they gave me a card, that means that all of the various tests performed on my blood were negative, that I have no diseases of any kind, and that my blood is quite wholesome.

I also learned my blood type, which for some reason, I never knew before.

I’m O Positive.

The letter that I received along with my card told me that O Positive is a special blood type because so many people need blood, they can’t always type them and type-O blood can be given to just about anyone. While flattering, this isn’t quote true. Rh-factor plays a role, and I believe that O Negative is in higher demand than O Positive.

I think it’s kind of silly to flatter someone by telling them their blood is particularly valuable. All blood is valuable in some way or other and to say that one is more valuable than another sets up a kind of artificiality that we don’t need in this day and age.

Incidentally, I can donate blood up to six times a year, which, I am told can save a total of 18 lives. I’m not sure I could handle donating so frequently, but imagine those people who do donate blood six time a year, year in and year out. Over the course of a decade they’ve saved 180 lives. Now that is something to be proud of.


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