Writing, etc.

I just completed the final edits of my new story, “The Order of the Golden Watch”. From first draft to final draft, the story jumped 2,000 words, from 5,300 to 7,300. But I think it’s a better story. I’m printing a copy to read through tomorrow for cadence (I read it out loud to see if it reads smoothly) as well as for identifying any final typos. Tomorrow evening, I’m sending it off. I put in more than 3 hours on the story today. Add to that 8 hours worth of work, an hour at the gym, and an hour spent commuting and I put in a pretty full day.

I failed to mention yesterday that the second part of my gift from he11o_sunshine and stubiebrother arrived. It’s a Black and Decker mini grill and has all sorts of attachments–something to make waffles and pancakes, something to make sandwiches. It’s really very cool.

I stopped to pick up Zeke’s special cat food yesterday. I ordered ahead, two cases. They are in my trunk. On the way home from work today, I ran to the grocery store. I needed more water for the gym.

I called our rep at the Orioles to see if I could get my the season ticket seats I have moved up a little. I want to stay in the same section, but move just a little bit closer. I spoke to our rep today and he’s going to see what’s available and get back to me.

It’s after 8 PM. I’ve got to pack my lunch and then I’m heading off to bed.


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