Kelly got us tickets to see Spamalot at the National Theater and last night, we went to see the show.

First, let me say that we had amazing seats. And when I say amazing, I mean orchestra-level, front row, left. If I leaned forward at any time during the program, I was looking down into the orchestra pit. We were close enough to the actors on the stage to see them spit as they sang. It was incredible!

And so was the show! It was funny, hysterical at times, and the music was terrific. Some of my favorite parts of the show were the recursive elements, as when, for instance, the quest morphs from finding the holy grail into producing a broadway show. The actors and actresses were extremely talented. I absolutely loved the show.

Now, I haven’t been to very many big production shows like this, perhaps four or five in my life. (I am not, like kevnyc, one who sees a show on average every 15 minutes of my life.) But of the four or five shows that I have seen, this one was the best. For anyone who is a fan of Monty Python, of funny music, of intentional overacting, this show is for you!

Before the show, we had dinner at Clyde’s at Gallery Place, which is sort of famous around the D.C. area. It was threatening rain and so I brought along my trustee umbrella. It came in handy, for it was raining pretty hard when the show let out and we had to walk 7 blocks or so back to the metro station. But it was wonderful evening, a terrific show, and a prime example of the luck Kelly typically has in getting excellent seats.


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