The Bucket List and more

Kelly and I went to see The Bucket List this afternoon, even after reading reviews that were, in general, not good. But you know what, screw the reviewers and let us make our own judgments. And a good thing that, because we both liked the movie quite a bit.

Roger Ebert, with whom I usually agree, gave the movie a D, saying “‘The Bucket List’ thinks dying of cancer is a laff riot followed by a dime-store epiphany.” But that it not at all what I got out of the movie, and it makes me thing that Ebert saw a very different movie than I did, which is unusual. Yes, there are funny moments. But it seems to me that when dealing with a terminal illness, one can allow it to ruin what’s left of their lives, or one can embrace it. This movie is an example of fighting the former in favor of the latter.

I’m spending the evening reading and trying to ignore the football games going on, although I did see that New England won (big surprise) and that the Giants were winning at the beginning of the second quarter. I’m about 550 pages through Our Oriental Heritage and hoping to make some more progress in the next hour or so before I turn out the lights.

I just finished reading what was perhaps the most difficult portion of the book for me to understand thus far–on some of the more in depth aspects of Indian philosophy. The parts on yoga make enough sense but some of the latter philosophies had me straining at the edge of my comprehension–and even so I’m not sure that I understood what I was reading. I’m always anxious when I don’t understand something, and certainly I cannot fault Durant, who has thus far been a brilliant writer. Which leaves me with the uncomfortable feeling that I have reached one of those mental barriers (like economics and music) through which I will likely ever make much more progress.

Coldest day of the year today, thus far. And I mean bitter cold. The high never broke out of the low 20s and with the wind chill, we were down around 10 or 11 degrees. I realize that’s not Minneapolis cold, but it’s plenty cold for here. My cheeks were stinging when exposed to that cold earlier today.


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