In New York

Kelly and I caught the 5 PM Acela to NYC yesterday. I tried to upgrade us to first class with some free upgrade coupons I had, but since I had already used one discount (Kelly’s ticket was a companion ticket) I couldn’t do it. So we rode in the regular Acela Business Express class. We got comfortable seats in the “Quiet Car”. Kelly napped for a little while and we chatted quietly for a while. Then I read. Kelly read for a while and also watched a few episodes of The Office on my iPhone.

We caught a cab to he11o_sunshine and stubiebrother‘s. The cabs in NYC now have TV and GPS in the back seat so that you can see where are. You can easily pay by credit card too. It was kind of neat. We got to Jen and Jason’s place just after 8 PM.

For dinner, we headed down the block to Mustang’s. I had the Mustang Burger, which hit the spot. Jen and Kelly had a couple of Margarita’s each. Jason and I split a pitcher of Dos Equis (eliciting fond memories of the Mediterranean from this past summer) and each had a shot of Patron. It was a lot of fun.

We were up at about 8 AM this morning, had breakfast at the local diner, and plan on walking around the Reservoir in the Park, once everyone has finished their showering.


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