Weather or not…

I grow increasingly annoyed with how the media handles the weather, and the general reactions to it. Forecast yesterday was for a significant winter storm in the D.C. area overnight and into this morning. ke1lynn told me that yesterday her office basically told people to work from home because of the threatening weather. Mom’s Delta Airlines flight to New York today was canceled early yesterday afternoon because of threatening weather.

I woke up around 3 AM and took a look out my bedroom window, expecting to see an inch or so of snow that was predicted. I saw dry grass.

When I finally got up at 4:20 AM, I figured the snow had finally fallen. Nope. Just before I left the house, it started icing out. Not freezing rain, mind you, but a light icing. Four hours later, that has pretty much turned to rain.

My guess is that many schools opened late or closed today, and the same is probably true of government offices, and yet not a single snow flake has fallen in the Metro D.C. area. That’s what happens when a potential bad weather day occurs on a Friday, I suppose.

At least is looks like they are actually getting snow in New York City (3-5 inches). Maybe that justifies Delta’s canceling a flight yesterday. Maybe.


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