Another busy work day, but I did get to sleep in a little because I was at Kelly’s and that’s a much shorter commute to the office. Busy all day long and once again, didn’t really get a lunch break.

Got home this evening and did a bunch of chores: cleaned the kitchen, cleaned up Zeke’s litter, collected the mail, took out the trash. I got my renewal for United Mileage Plus Premier in the mail today. Also, it looks like FedEx tried to deliver the Orioles season tickets package yesterday, but I wasn’t home. They said they’d try back today before 7 PM. We’ll see. It’s 6:30 PM now. Also got my Amex bill in the mail.

I finally–finally–set up automatic payments of all my bills through Premier America’s bill pay. I’ve been using Bill Pay for years, but in a manual fashion. Now it’s completely automated. One less thing to think about.

I started reading The Left Hand of Darkness yesterday but didn’t get very far. I’ve made better progress so far today, although it’s still slow-going. The book started off very slowly. It’s dense and full of imagery that requires thought on many levels. But it has picked up somewhat and I’m finding now that I’m enjoying it.

Less than a week until we head off to Disney World and I am so looking forward to that right now. I can really use the break.

I’ve got Macaroni and Cheese going on the stove. Dinner. Yum.


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