Disney World, Day 3

We slept in until 7:30 and proceeded to get ready for the day at a leisurely pace.  It was supposed to be a warm day today, and it was–warm and windy with temperatures coming close to 90 degrees.  We stopped by Norm and Vicky’s room at 8:15, and Norm demanded an extra five minutes to finish getting ready.  (In fact, we only saw his head; the rest of him was hidden behind the door.)

Once we were all ready, we made our way to breakfast and from there, we headed to the boat launch to catch a boat to Epcot.  The weather was beautiful and the boat ride to Epcot was pleasant.  When we got there, the first thing we did was make our way over toward Soaring.  We got a Fast Pass for the ride, but the lines were also short enough to where we could ride it right then and there, and we did.  It was a ride that both Kelly and Vicky could go on and I think they both enjoyed it.

When that was over, we headed next door to the Finding Nemo ride, which was actually kind of cool.  It’s definitely a kids ride, but the animation is done in a clever way.  Plus, there’s a pseudo-aquarium there and you can see all kinds of fish, including sharks, and that’s always fun.

More to come…


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