Lunchtime revisions

I spent my lunch hour getting started on some requested revisions to my story “The Golden Watch”. These revisions involve resolving some issues with the internal logic of the story, and I’m pleased with what I managed to do in the hour that I just spent on it. I’ve gotten through the first two scenes of the story. There are seven more scenes to run through.

This is an interesting exercise. I am trying to introduce meaningful changes, without adding undo wordage (because I feel the length is appropriate for the pace), but which profoundly improve the logic of the story and an internal character struggle going on within the story. I managed to cut nearly 300 words from the first scene, which was too long-winded. The changes I introduced in the second scene to begin fixing the logic flaws added 130 words to that scene (from about 715 words to about 845 words). But I think they are having the desired effect.

I’m hoping to get more done late this afternoon.


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