Jamie’s Reading List, release 1.1.0

I’ve made some enhancements and fixes to my reading list and I’ve decided to track the enhancements and bug fixes here. (It’s as good a place as any.) This and future updates will be tagged as “reading list releases”.

Some quick background. I have kept this list in various forms since January 1, 1996. It’s been online in some form or another since 1998. It has evolved over time, but at present, it written in PHP with the data being stored in a MySQL database.

Enhancements in release 1.1.0

  • Upcoming reading now appears on the summary page
  • “What I have read on this day” has been added to the summary page
  • Book number is hyperlinked on list pages; takes you to the item page for that entry
  • Title is hyperlinked on list pages; takes you to the LibraryThing entry for the title
  • Books that have won awards appear with bold titles on list pages
  • Awards are listed in parentheses next to book titles
  • List pages can be made “distinct” so that there are no repeat titles, even if the titles have been read more than once (in the case that they have, the “last date read” is shown). See my favorite books as an example of this
  • Lists can be sorted–currently only internally, but eventually by clicking column headers

Bug fixes in release 1.1.0

  • Fixed an issue in calculation of future start dates

Coming soon

The following items will be appearing soon in future releases:

  • Printable summary
  • Most frequently read authors
  • Highest rated authors
  • Advanced search
  • RSS feeds
  • “Find similarly tagged books”
  • List filters


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