Like a second job…

If you want to be a science fiction writer, you have to be a science fiction writer. That sounds very zen, but what I mean is that it’s time I stopped hemming and hawing, and take advantage of the momentum I have been building and treat my science fiction writing like a second job, albeit a dream job. There are possible consequences to this that I can foresee:

1. Fewer blog entries. Or, I should say, perhaps at less-frequent intervals. Rather than scattered throughout the day, I may only do one or two entries a day, toward the end of the day with of course the occasional outliers here and there. I don’t think anyone would possibly object to this; in fact, I can hear the cheering from the wings already. In fact, in most cases, I can see things whittling down to a single end-of-day post on non-writing stuff. Or maybe not.

2. More entries focused on my writing. I need to spend more time writing but I also think it’s important to write about writing. It helps me think through the process, mark my progress and so on. Anyone is welcome to skip these entries. I can foresee two quick posts per day: (1) in the morning, what I hope to get done for the day and (2) what I actually got done, problems I had, successes.

3. More stories. That would be the hope. More stories and more time spent “at work” on my second job. Can I produce, say, a story a month through the end of the year? Can I get the novel that I’ve started finished? Ultimately the point of all of this would be…

4. More story sales.

Sacrifices have to be made. I already gave up my position as softball team captain, hoping that the time it will free up can be used to do more writing. I’ve given up TV in the sense that I haven’t been watching new shows since the writers strike. I get home from work and feel no compulsion to turn on the television; that’s as good a time as any to write. I might ended up reading less in the short term if it means more time to write. It really depends. But I feel like I have an opportunity to really make something of this and I have to do what I can to take advantage of it before the window closes and the opportunity is lost.

Starting today. (Why wait?) My goal for the week is to submit my application to the Viable Paradise writer’s workshop by Friday. My goal for today is to flesh out my outline for the novel that I’m submitting (I’m only submitting 3 chapters but I need a synopses or outline to go along with it.) At this point I don’t care how long the outline gets; I can spend the rest of the week cutting it down to size. For today, just get it on paper.


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