Heading up to New York

17 minutes before I get out of here and I’ve been itching to go for the last 45 minutes. I’m trying to wrap things up here and get out the door at 11:30. I’m heading over to Kelly’s where I’ll meet her just after noon. I’ve got to pack her a sandwich and then when she gets home, we’ll load up the car with her luggage and hit the road. It’s raining here today, and it looks like rain all the way up to NY. Despite that, and assuming we have an early jump on traffic (to say nothing of EZ-Pass), I am currently estimating getting to Newark Airport between 3:45 and 4 PM. I checked kruppenheimer‘s flight and she’s scheduled to arrive a few minutes late, sometime around 3:25, so hopefully she won’t have to wait too long.

From Newark, we continue our drive (in Friday rush-hour traffic at that point) to Stony Point where vickyandnorm live. We’ll be staying the night there, and then Kelly and I (and others if they like) are heading into the City first thing tomorrow morning. Doug and Rachel get in from Seattle late this afternoon and I am looking forward to seeing them tomorrow.


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