Thursday writing

I took a break from the novel outline. (I took mabfan‘s advice and queried the workshop directors on how best to address my dilemma.)

In the meantime, I wrote a complete outline for a new short story I’m calling “At Sea”. I’ve had the idea for this story for some time now, but I realized tonight that I was trying to do too much with it. So I’ve cut it back some to keep it simple. I’m thinking this story should be under 6,000 words and I’m hoping to get it done before I head to L.A. a week from Monday. Incidentally, it’s the first story that I’ve written that attempts to make use of my experience as a private pilot (extrapolated into space, of course). At this point, the target market is ANALOG, which is a market I don’t usually aim for at first, but we’ll see…


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