Weekend update

We had a busy day on Saturday and a less busy day on Sunday. We were up early on Saturday. We were supposed to go to Annapolis with AJ and Dennise, but I had a message from them in the morning saying that they wouldn’t be able to go.

First order of business was getting to the bank to open a joint account. We were at the bank 15 minutes after it opened and it somehow took over an hour to get our account setup. That seemed a bit excessive to me, but at least that’s done.

Next, we cleaned out a good portion of Kelly’s storage area, throwing some stuff away and setting aside other stuff for donation. We then headed over to the donation site and dropped off a carload of stuff.

Then it was off to my house for a quick stop, and then on to Annapolis. We had lunch at Buddy’s. After lunch we decided to walk to the site of a restaurant that is a potential location for our rehearsal dinner. The walk was about a mile but it was a pleasant one. We walked back and decided to stop into the Calvert House to take a few pictures. From there, we walked to another hotel where we reserved a block of rooms in order to see what it was like.

We left Annapolis and headed back toward home, with two brief detours. First, we stopped at Costco to look at flat panel TVs. We found one we think we like, and I need to ask around a bit about it’s features, knowing little about what to look for. I made some notes. While there, I found that HBO’s miniseries John Adams had been released to DVD and I bought it. David McCullough’s book, John Adams is perhaps the single best piece of non-fiction I’ve ever read, so I was anxious to see how the miniseries was done. Finally, there was some grocery shopping and we called it a day.

Sunday I was craving pancakes and we went to IHOP for breakfast. I surprised myself by demolishing in minutes my plate of strawberry banana pancakes, sickly sweet though they were. After breakfast we went for a walk around the lake and then decided to head out to Bowie to do some shopping. I got new hiking shoes, to replace the ones I got 4 years ago, the bottoms of which had worn flat. I also got a new shirt for our engagement photo shoot on Wednesday. On the way there, I saw an accident happen. First I saw it happen before it happened, then I watched in anxiety as it happened. We were stopped in some traffic and there was an intersection without a light. I don’t block intersections so I stopped before the intersection, leaving a gap for cars to make turns through. A minivan approached from ahead and made a left turn into the space we’d left in front of us. I assumed he’s slow to to check cross traffic in the lane next to us. I glanced at my side mirror and saw an SUV barreling down the lane. In that instant, I knew there was going to be an accident. The minivan crossed in front of us and never stopped, never looked. The SUV had no chance–it broadsided the minivan. It didn’t look as bad as I though it would, but it got my adrenaline going. The driver of the minivan was an idiot as far as I am concerned.

Kelly headed home around 1 PM or so and I spent much of the rest of the day watching the remaining episodes of John Adams. It was spectacular. It did both the book and the reputation of HBO films justice.

And Sunday evening, we confirmed that we have an officiant for our wedding.


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