Delivery by invisible hand

When I got home from work last night (and had no power), I found waiting for me a check from the Federal Government for $270 and change, which apparently is my share of the Economic Stimulus Package. According to the treasury’s schedule, I wasn’t expecting this check until next month. It got here early, I guess.

Does anyone know if this stimulus plan has been working? Is this an example of Adam Smith in action? The check did mysteriously appear at my house. Delivery by invisible hand is definitely possible. How much did it cost to print and deliver all of these checks, not to mention the two notices I received telling me that I’d be receiving a stimulus check? You know, the post office has been hit hard by this thing called email. Are we really sure this is an economic stimulus check and not a postal stimulus check?

It seems to me that the most defiant thing I could do with this check is to buy a savings bond. (Or pay for gasoline.) That would stick it to the Republicans for sure, but of course, it would also negatively affect my fellow citizens (in the same degree that my jumping up and down affects the orbit of the earth). So I think I will use it to stimulate the economy. There are, after all, wedding expenses to be paid. And Kelly and I were out looking at flat panel HDTVs this past weekend. My stimulus check will by me roughly one quarter of one of those.


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