Feeling groovy!

There’s nothing like feeling better after feeling sick. I went to bed sometime around 10 PM last night and slept pretty well. I didn’t get up until almost 8 AM. Kelly was already up. I had breakfast and then we both headed to the clubhouse to go to the gym.

When we got there, we found much of it vandalized. Three of the 5 flat panel TVs were smashed in. Many of the treadmill screens were smashed in and broken. There was a window open on the north side. We commiserated over the event with a few other people there, and when the concierge person arrive just before 9 AM, I reported it to her and she notified the proper authorities. We had time to get in light work outs (15 minutes of cardio for me, some light abs and some pull-ups) before they asked us to leave so the police could investigate. The Avalon people were very apologetic. I imagine we’ll find out more soon.

We’re now off to run some errands. And I’m definitely feeling better.


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