Welcome to the occupation

We awoke this morning to bright, clear blue skies and sunshine.  It was absolutely gorgeous out and we threw open the windows and tried to absorb it all.  We lazed around for the early part of the morning, watching Charles Osgood on Sunday Morning.  But after that, we were busy for the rest of the day.

We decided we wanted to finish up the remainder of things on our various wedding lists so that we were done, done, done, and could spend the next 5 weeks or so relaxing.  We made heroic efforts, however, we’ve still got more stuff do to.

We started in earnest around 10:30 AM.  First, we headed over to the Mens Warehouse, where I got fitted for my tux, and where I also corrected the spelling of Dad’s name on the list of people who are getting tuxes.  We also ordered the gifts we are giving to the groomsmen.  Next we headed over to Target, where we went straight for the toy section.  We bought a few things for Ruby and Carson for when they come to visit for the wedding.  (Ruby is our flower girl.  Carson is not in the wedding, but we felt we should get him something anyway so that he didn’t feel left out.)  We were looking for a full-sized bike pump, but they didn’t seem to have any.  We picked up some cat litter and then headed to our next destination, Old Town Alexandria.

We found a parking spot on the corner of Washington and Queen and walked through Old Town in gorgeous weather.  We did some more gift shopping and then ended up at an Irish bar/restaurant for brunch.  It was really good.  Kelly had french toast and I had this Irish omelette with bacon.  I had a mimosa as well.

After brunch (and by now, it was almost 2 PM), we walked back to the car.  Trader Joe’s was next on our list, but as we were heading there, we got a call telling us that Kelly’s wedding ring was in.  We diverted, therefore, to Tyson’s Corner and made our way through its labyrinth to the jewelers.  Sure enough the ring was is, but it was still too big.  Long story short:  we sized it based on the size of her engagement ring.  But her engagement ring turned out to be 1/4 size smaller than what is on the paperwork.  So the re-sized ring will now be ready on Friday.

We stopped at Trader Joe’s on the way back and did some very light grocery shopping.

We were back at the house sometime between 4 and 5 PM.  Having done the "errands", we could now finally focus on getting wedding stuff done.  And focus we did.  For the next four to five hours, that’s all we did.  We put together a first and second draft wedding program.  We emailed various vendors, information that they requested.  We put together a master wedding day itinerary.  Finally, toward the end of the evening, we consolidated all of the various remaining lists onto one central list.  While there are still things to do, most of them are small and it looks as though most will be done this week.  That means by the end of this weekend, most wedding related tasks will be finished 4 weeks before the wedding.  That’s not too bad, especially considering that we only had four months to plan this from the outset.

Around 9 PM, I went upstairs with the intention of reading, but I fell asleep pretty quickly.  Turned out to be a longer day than I realized, I guess.


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