What with work, and the wedding plans, things have been rather hectic for the last few months.  But this weekend was a relaxing break from all of that.  We didn’t have to do any wedding-related stuff.  We didn’t have to to think about work.  It was peaceful and pleasant.  Kelly’s home town is like that.  We both slept well again.  We were up early and had breakfast.  We spent a few hours around the house, in the yard, playing with Oliver (the dog).

We took a tour of Kelly’s home town, driving around seeing various sites, seeing her high school, her old house, the park.  We went to the General Store for lunch (where I had an excellent tuna melt sandwich and vanilla shake).

Sometime around 1 PM, we started for home.  Kelly slept a lot on the way home, but the ride wasn’t bad and we made good time.  We were back at Sarah’s around 5 PM.  From there we headed home, and then out to do some grocery shopping.  The cats survived just fine in our absence.

It really was a relaxing weekend.  I really liked getting to see Kelly’s home town.  

I watched the first 6 innings of the Yankee game tonight–the last game at the old Yankee stadium.

And now, back to work tomorrow…


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