Rockin’ out and cleanin’ house

Last night we went t a friend’s house to play Rock Band.  It was my first time playing.  We started the evening off with some good pizza from a local pizza joint.  The three of us started playing Rock Band around 8:30 PM.  When we finally decided to call it quits, it was nearly 1:30 AM!  It was a lot of fun.  I played drums most of the night, and started to get the hang of it after a couple of hours.  I also sang at points.  Singing was the easiest.  I tried guitar, but that seemed way too complicated for me.  All told, though, it was a really fun evening, and I certainly play again.

Incidentally, right before we left to go home, we watched the last 2 outs of the Dodgers sweep of the Cubs.  I decided a few days ago that I was pulling for the Dodgers all the way this year (now that the Yanks have been eliminated), so it was nice to see them get the sweep.

We didn’t get to bed until almost 2 AM so we slept in this morning.  Initially we woke around 9 AM, but I convinced Kelly to stay in bed another hour, so we finally got up around 10 AM.  Since then, we’ve been cleaning house.  Kelly cleaned the kitchen, dusted up, while I cleaned the bathrooms, and swept and mopped the various floors that needed to be swept an mopped.  I still have to vacuum but that is scheduled for tomorrow.

We are packing for our trip today, and then, a little later this afternoon, we’re heading downtown to watch the closing ceremonies of Sarah’s three-day, 60 mile breast cancer walk.

And, of course, a new episode of Dexter airs tonight.


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