Cruise day 2: At sea

Up sometime between 7 and 8 AM.  We headed up to the Horizon Court for breakfast and found a nice table at the very front of the ship, so we could watch us plow through choppy seas and overcast skies.  So far the seas on this cruise have been far more choppier than the cruise in Europe, but that might be the difference between the Meditteranian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.  Breaskfast was good, regardless.  I had scrambled eggs, bacon, a croissont, a donut, some fruit, and some pastries.  Afterward, we walked around the deck of the ship.  2.8 times around the desk is equal to 1 mile, but we only walked once.  We are trying to see if we can get our table changed for dinner so that we are not breaking up the part of Phillipino people.  We’ll do that after the massage this morning.
We had our massage scheduled for 10:30 AM, but didn’t actually get started until around 10:45.  It was a couple’s massage so we were brought into the couples suite.  It was very relaxing.  I nearly fell asleep a few times during that massage.  Kelly is thinking about getting her hair cut and I am thinking about getting another massage later on during the cruise.
We had lunch in the Horizon Court again.  They had Monte Cristo sandwiches, which I really enjoy.  Then we headed up to the adult pool area to sit for a while.  Kelly has fair skin and burns easily, but the nice thing about the adult section on this ship is you can sit out in the sun as long as you like, without sunscreen.  You see, thewhole area is enclosed by glass, and as I pointed out to Kelly, ultraviolet radiation does not pass through glass (this is why you don’t get sunburned when driving with your car windows up).  We sat by the pool reading, and relaxing.  Kelly slept for a while.  I ordered a beer, and then a Mai Tai, and later a Princess Punch, or something like that, which was to Planter’s Punch what water is to ambrosia.  Nevertheless it was relaxing and the only problem was that I didn’t really bring any good books with me.  Later in the day, therefore, I went to the library on the ship and after purusing the options, I picked up Pete Hamill’s Forever, which I’ve read before (and given 5 stars), but which I may read again.  I did see David McCullough’s book on the Panama Canal in the shop and I may pick that up instead.
We did get our table changed for dinner.  We now have a window seat for two.  We rested before dinner.  Tonight was a formal night, which meant suits and ties and dresses.  The ship was really rocking and for the second time in my life, I began to feel the effects of motion sickness.  I took two Dramamine, and eventually, I settled down, although they made me drowsey.  Our table at dinner was much better.  We were seated by a window, just the two of us.  Our waiters were much better tonight.  I started my meal off with smoked, barbequed duck, and followed that up with a caesar salad.  Next, I had the filet mignon, which was very good.  After we had finished our meal, the waiters came by with a little cake and sang up "Happy Honeymoon".  We devoured the cake lustily.  Finally, I ordered a Love Boat Dream dessert.  No alcohol tonight as it wouldn’t mix well with the dramamine.
We found out that we were passing by a tropical depression through the night and that things would be better as the day progressed tomorrow.
Once back in the cabin, I passed out.



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