Cruise day 4: At sea

We were up early in case we would be able to put into port in Aruba.  But, as we ate breakfast, the captain announced that Omar, which had passed through Aruba yesterday as a tropical storm, had been upgraded to a hurricane.  Although we were in no danger (the hurricane was moving away from us–in the opposite direction, to be sure), the port in Aruba would remain closed for the day as the seas within the harbor were still rough.  The captain had no choice, therefore, but to skip Aruba and make for Cartegena, Colombia, which we should reach tomorrow morning.
We made the most of our third day at sea.  We ended up going back to sleep for a while, and for a wonder, we slept in pretty late, which is incredibly unusual for us.  When we finally emerged from our second slumber, it was close to noon and we decided it was time to eat again.  We had a Mexican lunch up in the Horizon Court.  Afterward, we decided to catch an early-bird showing of the movie The Love Guru, with Adam Sandler, which was shown in the Pricess Theater (not as a good a movie venue as last night).  Kelly swore she’d seen the movie before, but after it started, she realized that she hadn’t seen it.  We both thought it was funny, but since the bulk of the audience seemed to be rather conservative septugenarians, I think it might have been mis-targeted.

After the movie, I sat by the pool for a few hours and got through another 60 pages of The Path Through the Seas.  Then it was back to the cabin to get ready for dinner.  We arranged to have dinner at one of the speciality restaurants, Sabatini’s.  I ate there in Europe.  You are essentially served everything on the menu, and you pick the main course that you want.  The result is a fourteen (14) course meal that was delicious and that, alas, I couldn’t even begin to describe.  The food coma that set in afterward was like none I have ever experienced before.  After 14 courses and 2 desserts (they celebrated our honeymoon there as well, and therefore served us a special cake), we both got back to the room and made for the bed.  Our close, which were bursting at the seams, seemed to pop their buttons at this point.  I was asleep before my head hit the pillow… 


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