Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

We are sitting in the terminal at Fort Lauderdale, awaiting our flight back to Washington, D.C., after our ship returned early this morning.  We had a great time, and got to see a lot of really cool places.  I realize that I am way behind on updates for the trip, but I still have tomorrow and Friday (plus the weekend) for vacation so there’s time for me to get caught up.  We are both looking forward to getting home, seeing the cats, and seeing all of our friends.

Some fairly rough seas yesterday and last night.  Debarkation was remarkably fast and smooth.  Our section was called about about 7:50 AM and I think we were at the airport and through security 30 minutes later.  We got our bags instantly, and there was no line to pass through immigration–we zipped right through and got on the transfer bus to the airport.

We have some errands to run when we get home this afternoon, some unpacking to do, and probably some laundry, too.


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