New Scientist

Before the wedding, I subscribed to New Scientist.  When I got back from the honeymoon, the first issue was in the mail.  Unlike SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New Scientist is a weekly magazine.  The next issue came yesterday.  I didn’t want to fall too far behind and so today, I read last week’s issue cover-to-cover.  And you know what, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The articles are interesting, the commentary is good.  The articles are not as long or quite in depth as SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, but they are well-written, and have a charming U.K. flair to them.  I’m trying to get through as much of this week’s issue as I can before heading off to bed.

I worked from home for part of the day today.  Doug, Rachel, he11o_sunshine  and stubiebrother  got Kelly and I a grill for our wedding.  The grill was delivered today.  It weighs 176 pounds according to the manifest, and the delivery guys wouldn’t bring it up the stairs.  I’ll open the box later in the week and bring the parts up separately so that we can get it put together for the weekend.  I can’t wait to use it!  Speaking of which, I made the arugula and parmesan salad as well as the Hoisin chicken sandwiches for dinner.  It was easy to make and they turned out great!

Spoke to he11o_sunshine  on the phone this evening.  Also spoke to Doug for a little while.  I thanked both of the for the grill.  Still working on thank you notes.  Not as far along as I’d like to be, but I’m hoping to have most of them done by the end of the weekend.

Crazy wind today.  Gusts were up to 40 MPH and the wind is still whipping away outside.  It’s been cold, too.  It didn’t get out of the 40s today.  We used the fireplace for the first time this evening and that was nice.  I sat in front of it for a while, reading my magazine and soaking in the heat.


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