Workin’ 9-to-5

I felt a little sluggish throughout the rest of the day yesterday–cold too, and that’s probably because the saline they put back in me was freezing!  I didn’t end up cooking last night.  I was going to make Taco Salad but decided to hold off until tonight.  For one thing, there were leftovers we could eat.  For another, AJ and Denisse might come over tonight and I thought the Taco Salad would be a good dish for everyone.

I received the December 2008 "Double" issue of ANALOG in the mail yesterday with part 3 of Rob Sawyer’s Wake.  It reminded me that I still have the finishing touches to put on my workshop story, and get it sent out.

I get paid today, but I always get my pay stub a day early.  This paycheck sets the record as the biggest paycheck I’ve ever received.  Remember that I get "sabbatic" pay when I take time off.  That is, when I take vacation time, my company pays me an extra 5% of my salary.  This was originally done as an inducement to take time off because many people were working themselves to death.  Since I got a decent raise back in June, and had two full weeks of sabbatic pay on this paycheck, it represents the single largest paycheck I have ever received.  In relative terms, it is nearly 5 times as big as the first paycheck I ever received here, just over 14 years ago.

Today’s reading: SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN (Nov. 2008).


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