Fall back

For the first time in a long, long time, I did not turn the clocks back before going to bed.  That’s not to say I didn’t know that daylight savings ended today.  I just forgot to turn the clocks back.  I was pleased, therefore, when I woke up around 6 AM, to turn the clock back an hour.  I even managed to sleep in a little bit this morning.

Today was generally a lazy day.  We sat around, watched TV, played Wii.  I went grocery shopping.  Early in the afternoon I worked on thank you notes, getting through about 20 of them.

It was much cooler today than yesterday, but it was still pretty nice out.  I sat out on the porch for a while, reading, and left the screen door open so that the cats could come out onto the porch as well.  They seemed to enjoy it.  It was Zeke’s first experience willingly going outdoors on his own and his was curious, but also, understandably nervous.  Late in the afternoon, we watched Jerry Maguire.  Kelly was off to bed early and I stayed up, playing one more round of Tiger Woods and then reading more of NEW SCIENTIST.


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