Reading bribery

Yesterday, I had to come up to speed on some new software technology we’ll be using for a project here at work.  I had to come up to speed pretty fast.  I have some meetings today in which I am expected to make some estimates based on my knowledge of this software.  So I had a lot of reading to do yesterday and last night.  Nearly 900 pages!  Keep in mind these are mostly technical manuals and I can usually read those pretty quickly.  But I was taking notes at the same time.  Couple that with the fact that reading about CMDB, while interesting at times, is not all that sexy.  In order to get through much of the reading last night (as there was no way I could finish it all during the workday yesterday), I had to bribe myself.  Here’s what I did:

For every 2-3 chapters I read in the CMDB books, I allowed myself 1 chapter of the Albert Einstein biography.  That seemed to work pretty well, but I am still not finished.  I have some more reading to do this morning, and I have to leave myself time to compile my notes into something that I can use in the meetings early this afternoon.

As for the rest of yesterday:  we went grocery shopping after work and I made us pasta for dinner.  Tonight I’m going to prepare some southwestern chicken a la strausmouse .  No exciting mail yesterday.  I did manage to squeeze in some time to see the most recent (Tivo’d) episode of The Shield.  I think there are only 3 more episodes left before the series ends.


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