Friday wrap-up

I didn’t get to bed until midnight last night.  I stayed up playing Tiger Woods.  I hadn’t played it in about a week and I did pretty good last night.  I won the Fourth of July tournament–I actually came in 1st place at -6.  It was fun.

Once again, no NEW SCIENTIST yesterday, so I broke down and started reading the November 8 issue online.  Got through about the first 20 pages.  The articles are just as good as ever, but there is something about the experience of reading the magazine online that just doesn’t quite compare to reading it from the pages themselves.  I can’t say what it is.  I guess I’m just old-fashioned.  While on the magazine’s website, I submitted the form telling them that I hadn’t yet received my November 8 issue.  Watch, it will be in today’s mail.  I did manage to read some more of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.   I’m through about 120 pages or so.

Full day at work yesterday and I was pleased with the progress I made on several fronts.  Yesterday was Kelly’s work-from-home day.  I was up at almost 9 AM this morning, which is late for me these days.  Kelly was already up, downstairs watching Maid of Honor.  The weather is odd here today.  It’s overcast (there were thunderstorms last night) but windy and warm (and humid!)  It’s just about 70 degrees at 11 AM which is very unusual for mid-November.  The rain looks like it’s going to hold off for a while so Kelly and I are going to walk up to Pentagon City.


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