Four hundred

I just finished reading Jack McDevitt’s Cauldron, which surprised me as being by far the best of the Priscilla Hutchins books.  The first five-sixths of the book were amazing.  It was everything a science fiction novel should be, and was exactly what I was looking for.  The ending left a little to be desired but didn’t take too much away from the overall enjoyment of the book.  I nearly gave it 5-stars and would have were it not for the weaker-than-expected ending.  Cauldron was the 399th book I’ve read since January 1, 1996 which means that the next book is number 400.

I thought I might read the Grace Kelly biography next, but McDevitt’s great book put me in a science fiction mood.  However, I’m in the mood for good short science fiction.  Book #400 will therefore be His Share of Glory: The Complete Short Fiction of C. M. Kornbluth.  I am very much looking forward to get started on this 300,000+ word collection.

Cauldron, incidentally, put me over the 3 million word mark for this year and was also my 20th book of the year.  Last year, which was by far my worst reading year since I’ve kept my list, topped off at a mere 2.4 million words (6,600 pages, 16 books).  On days that I am reading this year, I’m averaging just over 38,000 words/day, which is nearly by best for any year.  It’s just that I am not reading every single day.

It took me 993 days to read my first 100 books.  It took me 1,029 days to read my second hundred books.  It took me 1,233 days to read my third hundred books.

It has taken me 1,469 days to read my fourth hundred books.

Hopefully it won’t be as long for me to hit 500, but given the trend, I should hit book number 500 on or about May 15, 2013.


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