The prologue is done!

Another writing session tonight. I ended up breaking the prologue into two scenes. I felt that there was too much exposition in the first cut. In short stories, that is generally bad, and I avoid it, but this is not a short story, and so I’m in somewhat unfamiliar territory. Certainly, in the novels that I’ve read, I’ve seen my fair share of exposition, but I’m trying to avoid it if I can. In this case, I took a disaster that had merely been described in exposition, and added scene where the disaster actually takes place. Then the scene that I wrote at lunch becomes a little less exposition and more about the after-effects. I’m pleased so far.

The numbers for this session:

Total words: 1,389 | This session: 527 | Net Change: +527

I must say that I’m very happy with 1,400 words for one day.  I’d love to be able to keep this pace, at least through the first draft, but I’m not sure it’s sustainable.


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