A quiet evening at home

I was surprised how many people were actually in the office today, considering it was Friday and everyone had yesterday off.  Still, it was a pretty quiet day, overall.  The predicted snow never manifested.  Chalk another one up to the weather department.

We spent a quiet evening at home.  Our stroller arrived at the concierge, but when I went to pick it up, they couldn’t find where they’d put the box and asked me to come back tomorrow; they said they’d have it sorted out.  I guess we’ll see.  No mail of interest today.  In fact, it was all junk.  I did manage some more reading and I’m just over 600 pages through The Hard SF Renaissance.

Spoke with Jim at work this afternoon.  Spoke with stubiebrother  this evening.

Kelly and I are making some weekend travel plans–one weekend in January and one weekend in February.  Still working out the details.


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