A tender breeze blows, whispers through a Gran Torino

Up at 8 AM.  We ate breakfast and then sat around watching Charles Osgood, which is how we like starting off our Sunday’s.  Most of the chores were done yesterday so there wasn’t too much to do around the house today.  I really wanted to see Gran Torino and I didn’t have to twist Kelly’s arm too much.  We went to a 1:45 PM showing and I really enjoyed the movie.  Clint Eastwood’s got talent.  Kelly said afterward that she liked it too.  I think she went in thinking she might not.  First weekend that I think we’ve ever gone to see two movies.

When we got home, we decided to brave the cold and walk to the grocery store to pick up a few items.   It’s about a mile each way.  It was a nice walk, just cold.  When we got back home, we ate dinner, watched some TV.  Kelly was tired and headed off to bed early.  I’m in a Clint Eastwood phase now so I watched Absolute Power, which I’d never seen before.  Not bad.

No reading or writing done today.  But there’s still a week left in the month.

Oh, and as of 10:51 PM ET on January 25, 2009, this blog has received 4,999 comments.  Whoever comments next will post the 5,000th comment.  Not too shabby.

ETA: he11o_sunshine  gets the award for 5,000th comment with this one.  Congrats, Jen!


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