25 things about me

[Via LiveJournal so I can kill two birds with one stone]

kruppenheimer  (a.k.a Linky Lisa) and Monica tagged me and since everyone’s doin’ it, here’s mine.  Facebooker’s, do one yourself, tag me and 24 other people.

  1. I am an FAA-licensed pilot.
  2. I am a professional science fiction writer (1 pro credit; associate member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America) 
  3. I have a degree in political science, but have never worked in that field.
  4. I have worked for the same company for over 14 years–ever since graduating from college.
  5. Although I was born in 1972, I consider myself a "depression baby".
  6. I cried in front of Newton’s grave in Westminster Abbey.
  7. I’m a huge Bing Crosby fan; I know more than 200 of his songs by heart; I love his movies.
  8. My favorite actress is Grace Kelly.
  9. I’ve been interviewed on television news twice:  once on the local FOX network in Los Angeles; and again on the FOX News Network a while later.  I’ve seen the first interview, but never the second.
  10. I’ve often daydreamed of doing a walk-in audition for a movie or TV show.
  11. I always vote the straight Democratic ticket, even though rationally that’s sometime silly.
  12. I know varying amounts of Spanish, Hebrew, Yiddish, Italian, Latin and Greek.
  13. I am in no way superstitious.
  14. I was once superstitious about reading the safety information card on airplanes.  I thought if I read the card, I’d be perfectly safe.  I finally stopped reading the card.  So far, so good.
  15. I never drank while in college.
  16. Everyone I know always seems more grown up, savvy and mature than I do.
  17. I’ve read Isaac Asimov’s 3-volume autobiography 14 times.
  18. I can, on rare occasion, be an intellectual snob.
  19. At work, my nickname is "Sam", after Sam Seaborn, a character from The West Wing.
  20. I am easily annoyed by people who don’t follow the rules of the road.
  21. I used to be a really anxiousperson, but have since learned to control it.
  22. I am constantly thankful for whatever chance in the universe has seen fit to provide me with so many good friends.
  23. I never learned to type touch.  I taught myself to do it and can type close to 90 words per minute, but if you watch me closely, youll see that I don’t do it quite right.
  24. I never cared about learning how to spell.  Not ever.  I still don’t.
  25. Although I’m going to be a Dad soon, I can still remember clearly back to when I was about 3 years old; and I still think of myself as a kid.  It makes this whole parenthood thing seem that much more remarkable to me


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