Weekend wrapup

We went to see Les Mis at the Signature Theater last night and had a great time.  The show was at 8 PM, and after struggling a little to find parking, we went into the theater and were seated on the right side of the "Max" theater, just a few rows back from the stage.  It’s one of those theaters where there are no bad seats.  Neither of us had ever seen the play before and I enjoyed it, all the more since it wasn’t a big broadway production.  There were even a few child actors in the play who did a fantastic job.  Despite the economy, the theater was full.  The play ended at about 11 PM and we were home ten minutes later.

Earlier in the day, we met up with AJ and Denisse and had lunch with them in Shirlington at Guapo’s, and then came back to our place for a while.  We sat around chatting and then somehow got into playing "guess this TV show theme".  That was fun,

It was my goal today to try and knock more items off the to-do list.  I got a few done.  I worked on the forms and paper work for the financial advisor and accountant.  I cleaned the bathrooms and mopped the kitchen floor.  We did grocery shopping this evening (during the Superbowl, so that the store was empty).  It was near 60 degrees and sunny today so we took a walk into Shirlington on the new bike path that cuts under 395.  It really shortens the walk.  We walked back the old way just so we could linger in the warm sun a little longer.

I started to catch-up on NEW SCIENTIST reading, but didn’t get too far.  I also did more reading of Beyond Band of Brothers.  Spoke with Mom and Dad today.  Tried to do some work from home but my account seems to be locked out for some reason.  I’ll have to get that worked out tomorrow.

Early night tonight.  If all goes well, I start up my workout routine tomorrow on a modified version of my old schedule.  I plan on getting up at 4 AM.  We’ll see how that goes.


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