Scrambled eggs super!

After the gym this morning, Kelly and I sat on the couch and I read to Zachary for the first time (through Kelly’s belly, of course).  The first book I read to him was Dr. Seuss’s Scrambled Eggs Super!  What was strange about the experience was that even though I hadn’t read the book in decades, it all came back to me as I read it.  And what’s more, I read the book with expression, in the exact same manner I recall Dad reading it to me when I was a young child.  I even found myself pointing things out (to Kelly, not to Zach) the way Dad would point them out to me.  And I was surprised at how smoothly it all went–I never realized how much of the book I had memorized.

After that book, I read him "What Was I Scared Of?" from The Sneeches and Other Stories, which was probably my favorite story in that book.  Finally, I finished by reading him Fox in Socks which makes me laugh no matter how many times I read it.

Now I can’t wait to read it to him after he’s born and I can watch his reaction to the stories.


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