Wednesday writing

I just added another 400 words or so to "Depression Baby".  Half of that was in a scene added to the beginning of the story which I think better sets up part of the conflict in the story (and thanks go out to mabfan  for his suggestions on that point).  The rest was scatterings throughout the story to tie in better with the newly introduced conflict.  Things are falling into place and I am definitely feeling like this draft is much better than the first draft.  At this point, the story stands at 4,200 words and I’ve got three or four more scenes to go to finish the second draft. 

Incidentally, the wording of the new first scene came to me at lunch, just as I put my head down for a lunchtime nap.  I pulled out my little black Moleskine notebook that I keep for just such purposes and jotted it down word for word as it came to mind.  It served me well this time because I really like the opening scene.


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