Prep day

Up around 8 am.  Today was “prep day”.  I spent a lot of time working on a presentation for the retreat next week today.  I had to run into the office this morning to get some additional books for some references.  I did get some reading in this morning, but not a whole lot.  The baby was moving and I could feel him kicking or punching or whatever it is he does inside his little cave.  It always makes me happy to feel that.

Kelly and I walked over to Pentagon City this afternoon.  The weather was nice and I needed to to William-Sonoma to pick up a few items for the kitchen.  Later in the day, we drove over to Sarah’s to take care of some errands and then stopped at the grocery store on the way home.

I made Eric’s tofu lettuce wrap recipe (for the second time) tonight.  Kelly really likes that and there were leftovers, too, so she has at least one meal already made while I’m gone.

More work on slides this evening, and then some TV, including the season finale of Big Love.  I’m packed and about as ready to go as I can get.  Normally, I really enjoy the trips to Santa Monica, but it’s different when Kelly can’t come along with me.  I’m glad this trip is short.  I come home on Friday.

The car to the airport will be here at 6 am.  I’m heading off to bed.

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