Shortest birthday ever

I flew back from L.A. today and since I was traveling from West to East on my birthday, crossing three time zones, it made for my shortest birthday ever, 21 hours.  I got into Dulles a little early and then we hit traffic on the way home, but I finally got home around 6:30 pm and it was so good to see Kelly.

She’d gotten me a whole bunch of birthday presents, then best and most amazing of which was a photo album of our history together prior to having the baby.  It had pictures from before we met, around the time we met, and then at just about all our adventures thereafter.  It’s so well done, just describing it doesn’t do it justice.  I absolutely love it!

We headed over to Pentagon City for dinner at Noodles and then wandered around the mall for a little while afterward, checking out baby clothes in various stores.  We picked up a little hat (newborns like hat) with baseballs on it.

When we got home, we had cupcakes from Cake Love and then watched some Tivo’d programs.  I was surprised an pleased to see that this week’s episode of Life On Mars was not the last one, as I thought it was.

Despite having to travel, Kelly made it a great birthday for me.

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