Getting rid of mail

The post office has been talking about going to 5 days of mail service a week.  I think strausmouse wrote about this not too long ago.  As a writer, I live for the mail.  It’s an inherited thing.  Most rejection slips come through snail mail, but most acceptances these day (in my experience) come through email.  Anyway, I enjoy dashing out to the mailbox each day to see if anything has come back (and hoping that it hasn’t).  In fact, there is only one day that I don’t like checking the mail:  today, or more precisely, Tuesdays.

On Tuesdays, my mailbox is filled with nothing but crap.  I don’t think I ever get a single piece of meaning mail on Tuesday.  It’s all crumpled up circulars, crammed into the mailbox, a colossal waste of space, to say nothing of trees.  Sometimes, I get the urge to shove that junk into the outgoing mail box.  But I refrain.

If the post office is going to drop a day, I think it should be Tuesdays, but with a catch.  I think any mail that would normally be delivered on a Tuesday be simply discarded.  Toss it away, burn it, whatever, just don’t deliver it to me on Wednesday.  Then, on Wednesday, I get fresh new mail and can be rid of those evil circulars once and for all.  I don’t think I’d miss anything.  I get just about all of my bills electronically.  There are magazines, but I never seem to get any on Tuesday.  I’d miss nothing!  And I’d gain freedom from that wasteful clutter from Sears and Pennysaver and Godknowswhereelse.

This would make me happy.  See what you can do about it, will ya?

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