I slept pretty well last night.  We had the windows open and early in the morning, the rain started and the air was cool and smelled good and I think that really helped make it a peaceful evening.  My plan today was to attempt to get some reading done as well as get caught up on a few other things.  I had mixed success.

Throughout the day, I managed to get through well over 100 pages of I. Asimov, my best progress thus far.  What’s more, I am throughly enjoying it, as always.  My reading of it has been so fragmented over the last week that it just hasn’t been the same as usual, but today that changed.  I was hoping to finish tonight, but I think that will have to wait for tomorrow.

I made out the check for our federal tax payment today and will put that into the mail on Monday.  I also paid a bill, and packaged up a few items to send to the accountant.  I failed to mention yesterday that we received the car seat we ordered.  It’s sitting in a box in the living room.

We went to Babies R Us this morning to see if they had the ottoman in stock for the glider we want to order.  The glider is available online but the ottoman is out of stock.  Alas, the ottoman is also out of stock in the store, although they are expecting some later this month.  I asked if we could buy the floor models, but they don’t allow that until the models are discontinued.  For some reason, this put me into a foul mood and I said to Kelly that it made me less inclined to shop at Babies R Us.  It was not the first time that something got on my nerves today.

Later in the day we went to the grocery store, mainly to pick up a propane tank for the grill.  That took longer than it should have and that got on my nerves too.  And then, we had dinner at Noodles and it took nearly 20 minutes for our food to arrive and Kelly’s order was messed up.  That nearly pushed me over the line.  I said to Kelly that I didn’t know what was wrong with me.  Things that normally don’t bother me are really irritating me.  She suggested it was a combination of (a) the nerve pain in my arm, (b) the medication I am taking for it, (c) the general stress that I am under.

It’s possible.  I wish I could somehow turn it off.  I haven’t felt like myself for the last week or so.  I am almost always sunny, but I’ve just felt irritated for the last week.  It does coincide with the pain in my arm and the medicines.  I thought perhaps it was somehow related to the fact that I’ll be a dad in two months, but at the moment, with the exception of some minor chores related to that, I have no feeling of stress or anxiety whatsoever.  Hopefully, this will pass.

Today, in addition to being Kevin’s birthday (happy birthday, buddy!) and my cousin Honey’s birthday, is also me and Kelly’s half-year wedding anniversary!

I mentioned that I haven’t done any writing in a few weeks, but today, the remainder of the plot for the “March” story was developing in my mind and is beginning to fall into place.  It was missing some elements that would make it a more solid story and I think I’ve found them.  I hope to made good progress on it next week.

I’m about to head off to bed.  I plan on finishing up the last episode of Cosmos tonight before finally getting to sleep.

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