What to expect (in 3 more days…)

Okay, I missed a few days. It’s been busy. I’ve been ramping up for a major software roll-out–which was pushed at the last minute and is now on at least a 3 week hiatus.  With three days left, I thought I should mention how things will proceed going forward.  Here is the plan:

  1. An email will go out to friends and family as soon as is reasonably possible after the baby is born.  This should be sometime on Friday.
  2. A twitter update should follow shortly after that–which is automatically relayed to Facebook.
  3. Phone calls will go out to those people to whom we promised phone calls sometime in the afternoon, once we’re settled in our room.
  4. A blog entry will appear sometime late Friday.
  5. Going forward, my plan is to write a weekly blog entry on the baby.

I’m still in the office working full days every day, which makes this whole things seem kind of surreal.  It seems like business as usual, but we know that a lot is going to change in the coming days.

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