NaNoWriMo Day 5

NaNoWriMo par: 1,667 words/day
NaNoWriMo total: 8,335 words
Personal par: 2,000 words/day
Personal total: 11,396 words

Please indulge me for a moment as I scream out CONGRATULATIONS to the World Champion New York Yankess!  (It’s been a long time coming.)

I stayed up to watch the entire game, of course, and the celebrations afterward, and it was well after midnight when I finally got to bed.  My mind was full of the Yankees victory and when I woke up this morning just before 5 am, I hadn’t really put much thought into what I would be writing today.

I think today was the most difficult day for me so far, in terms of getting stuff on the page.  I managed to write 2,165 words, still above my daily goal, but I feel as though I did it primarily through brute force.  I’m trying not to worry about it to much at this point.  I just keep on writing and I don’t really look back, but it’s in the back of my mind.  When the first draft is done, a lot of work will be required and the second draft may not look much like the first.  I surprised myself with brute force.  I felt like I wasn’t making forward progress, but in just under 2 hours, I hit the 2,000 word mark, and when I finished off at 7 am, I’d moved beyond it.

I did finish Chapter 1 today, which came in around 6,000 words all told.  That’s a pretty long chapter, but it’s broken into 8 parts, which probably average 800 words each.  I like short scenes in the novels that I read and I find that it also makes them easier to write.  The last part of the chapter had a lot of dialog though, and I felt like there wasn’t enough going on (even though the dialog seems important).  So I started Chapter 2 with a little more action and a little less dialog.  And I also have a better idea now of where chapter 2 is going.  I introduced a character from the prologue, and will introduce one or two other characters there.  There is a pretty big cast to this story, and I know that not everyone can be my "main" character, but I still haven’t decided yet which ones will end up as such.  I imagine they, and the story, will decide for me.

I passed a milestone sometime early this morning: 10,000 words.  I’ve got a little more than 20% of the 50,000 word goal completed.  It feels pretty good.


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