NaNoWriMo Day 18

NaNoWriMo par: 1,667 words/day
NaNoWriMo total: 30,000 words
Personal par: 2,000 words/day
Personal total: 39,216 words

Once again, wasn’t up at 5 am, thanks to this awful cold I’ve got. But I did go into work today and my plan was to write for an hour at lunch, and an hour after putting Zach to bed this evening. So much for plans (this is why 5-7am is so perfect: nothing interferes). My cold got worse throughout the day and the guilting looks of my coworkers forced me home early. So after getting some rest, I managed to squeeze in today’s session between 3-5 pm.

And a pretty good session it was. Despite being sick, I wrote 2,468 words, all one scene, and I think it is the single longest scene I have written thus far. (As a short story writer, I go for the shorter scenes wherever possible, and I enjoy reading books with shorter scenes because they feel to me to speed up the pace of the story.) It was also a fun scene to write. It wasn’t quite what I had planned to write today, but I needed to start with something that I knew would get me going and continue to move the story forward in an interesting way. To that extent, I think it worked.

I finally needed to stop, though, despite wanted to push through to the 40,000 word mark. With the cold, I just don’t have the energy. Non-writers don’t always realize just how much energy two hours of writing takes (mostly mental effort), but imagine trying to go for a 3 mile run when you are under the weather. You might be able to do it, but I doubt your time would be as good as when you are healthy.

When I finished today, my total word count reached 39,216, which means that tomorrow I will pass the 40,000 word mark (and possible see myself to around 42,000 words). That means only 8- or 9,000 words left to win the NaNoWriMo challenge. All of the sudden, 8,000 words does not seem like much when you’ve got 40,000 under your belt in 18 days. And so, despite not getting up at 5 am this week, I’m pretty happy that I’ve still managed to get the writing in, and despite a few tough days, I’m still moving forward.

More tomorrow!


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