New books!

Came home to some new books in the mail today.  First off, one of two rare Isaac Asimov books that were not already in my Asimov collection,  Our Federal Union: The United States from 1816 to 1865.

Next on the list is Alastair Reynolds’ first novel Revelation Space.  I saw this book on a must-read list and I’ve never read anything by Reynolds besides some of his short fiction.  I figured I’d give it a try.  It wasn’t available on the Kindle so it arrived in today’s mail.

Finally (and also not available on the Kindle) is physicist Steven Weinberg’s latest, Lake Views: this world and the universe, a collection of essays.  (Pictured.)  I’ve never read anything by Steven Weinberg before, but the review for the book in the February 2010 issue of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN made it sound like a fascinating read.

At present I’m making my way through Connie Willis’ intriguing novel, Blackout, to say nothing of two issues of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN and two issues of NEW SCIENTIST.


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