My Science Fiction Age challenge

With Readercon 21 coming up in a week, I decided to move ahead with an idea I’ve had for a little while now.  I have a complete collection of the outstanding science fiction magazine, Science Fiction Age and I am very proud of it, since it was the outstanding magazine of its day.  A couple years back, at either Capclave or Readercon, I asked Scott Edelman (who edited the magazine over the course of its 8 years) to sign my premier issue.  I was very excited.  I had a premier issue of the magazine signed by the editor.

In looking over the attendees of Readercon 21 this year, it occurred to me that no less than three of the seven authors who had stories in the premier issue will be in attendance:  Paul Di Filippo, Resa Nelson, and Barry N. Malzberg.  So it occurred to me to bring the issue along and see if they wouldn’t mind signed by their bylines.

In fact, it seemed to me that I might try to get as many of the authors of the stories that appeared in Science Fiction Age to sign the various issues that I have as time goes on.  At each subsequent con I attend, I can see who might be there, check which issues their stories appear in, and see if they wouldn’t mind signing.  I’m sure this is not a novel idea, and I realize there will be some authors, no longer with us, unfortunately, whose autographs I won’t be able to get.  But the completist in me thinks it would be swell to get as many as I can.  And maybe, one day, I’ll be writing to tell yo that not only do I have a complete set of Science Fiction Age, but that the issues are signed by the bulk of the authors they contained.

(In fact, I see now that the May 1993 issue has stories by Malzberg and Allen Steele, who will also be at Readercon.  I wonder just how many issues I’ll have to take with me?  Stay tuned…)


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