A couple more books to drool over

I picked up and/or pre-ordered a couple of books (Kindle editions, both of them) that I am looking forward to reading as soon as I have cleared the pile of current books and magazines from my desk.  Both books are about or tributes to long-standing Grand Master’s of science fiction.

The first is Elizabeth Hull’s tribute to Frederik Pohl, Gateways. with stories and essays by just about every major writer in the genre.  The second is the long-awaited authorized biography of Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialog With His Century, Volume I, which comes out in hardcover and Kindle editions on August 17.

I’m also waiting for Connie Willis’ All Clear, the sequel to her excellent time travel, World War II novel Blackout, which I enjoyed so much earlier in the year.  The book comes out on October 19, which is just in time to get it before meeting her in person at Capclave a week or so later.

What are you reading this summer?


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