Rereading Science Fiction Age, Redux

More than three years ago, I began the process of re-reading my complete set of SCIENCE FICTION AGE magazines and commenting on each issue.  I managed to make through the first 8 issues before I became too busy to continue.  But I have always wanted to continue through the rest of the issues in the 8-year run, and I am now restarted that effort, although I bit more modestly than my first attempt.  Last time I was reading through an issue a week and I simply don’t have the time to do that.  This time, I’m aiming for an issue each month.

Those who followed along the first time, or those interested in catching up with what I have already written, all of the previous posts are collected here.  During its 8-year run, I think that Science Fiction Age was the best source of short science fiction available.  In fact, I’d go as far as saying that it was the best source of short science fiction since Campbell’s ASTOUNDING of the 1940s and Gold’s GALAXY of the 1950s.  Rereading these issues is sheer pleasure for me.

Expect to see my thoughts on SF AGE Volume 2, Issue 3 (March 1994) in the next week or so.


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