NaNoWriMo 2010 Days 22-23 (Win+3)

I didn’t manage to do any writing on Monday or Tuesday because I was in New York attending various writer events. That is really just an excuse, of course. In reality it was a combination of the fact that I “won” the competition which takes off some of the pressure (I wish it didn’t), laziness (being on the road is a good excuse not to write), and exhaustion.  As things stand, I have just over 52,000 words and while I didn’t get up to write this morning, I do expect to get some writing in today, and I plan on being back to my normal schedule tomorrow, now that I am caught up on sleep.

Part 2 still needs work and I think the fact that my outline did not start out nearly as complete as Part 1 is a big reason why I am having so much difficulty with it now.  I plan on getting the rest of the kinks worked out today, and I also plan on being certain that I have Part 2 fully-fleshed out, as I should be ready to start on that in about a week.

I believe the NaNoWriMo site opens for official “win” recording tomorrow, so I should have my “certificate” tomorrow, which is nice.


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