Addendum to the new car post

Yesterday, I posted about how we like the new car after two weeks of driving it.  In that post, I said:

One thing I don’t like about the car is that it doesn’t warn you when you leave the headlights on the way both of our old cars did.  But I suspect it shuts them off automatically if you forget, I just haven’t tested it yet.

This morning, when we dropped the Little Man off at school, I tested this out.  I left the lights on, shut off the car and locked it remotely, thinking maybe that would turn the lights off.  Nope.  We went into the school with the lights still on, and when we came out… the lights were off.  Apparently there is a timer in play that shuts them off after a minute or two after the car has been shut down. This would explain why there is no need for a little alarm to remind you the lights are on, and of course, this also makes moot the minor complaint I made yesterday.



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