Back to reading

I have been in the worst reading drought since I’ve kept my reading list–which goes all the way back to January 1, 1996. The last book that I finished was in mid-August. There have been lots of reasons for the dry-spell, but now that I’ve given up on being a novelist for the duration and focus on short stories, I’d like to be able to start to get through the backlog of books that have been piling up (virtually or otherwise) on my bookshelf and Kindle. These include:

  • Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century, Vol 1
  • All Clear by Connie Willis
  • The Devil’s Eye by Jack McDevitt
  • Echo by Jack McDevitt
  • Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King
  • Colonel Roosevelt by Edmund Morris
  • Prelude to Space by Arthur C. Clarke
  • Imperial Earth by Arthur C. Clarke
  • Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear

Of course, there’s also a not-so-small stack of New Scientist’s and Scientific American’s to catch up on as well.


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