The vacation cold

The Little Man has been sick with an ear infection, which entails fevers and some whining, but otherwise, he is a very good sick little boy. In fact, looking at him, you couldn’t tell that he’s even sick. He’s cheerful, happy, playful. All the things I am not when I am sick.

I have managed to contract a vacation cold. It’s not a terrible cold, but it’s mildly annoying and I am not a very good sick person. When I am sick, I want to be alone, locked in a room somewhere until I recover. I’m trying to be better about this and this cold that I have isn’t a particularly bad one (yet!). But when I have a few sniffles and the Little Man is dealing with fevers and aching ears and running noses, the contrast in our behaviors really stands out and I feel somewhat ashamed of myself.

I spend the night on the couch last night to avoid transferring the cold to Kelly and I feel okay this morning, but I am trying to take a page out of the Little Man’s book and remain cheerful, happy, and playful, despite my malaise.


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